Our refund policy is only applicable to the fees paid by the students or paid by guardian or parents of the student.

It is not applicable on the teacher assessment quiz fees and the annual membership fees paid by the teachers.

Student’s Fees Refund Terms

  • The Fess paid the student is 100% refundable Subject to Below mentioned terms
  • The fees will be refunded for balance unused classes
  • The fees will not be refunded for unattended classes i.e. if student has registered and paid for 48 classes and attended 24 classes then student can apply for refund before start of 25th classes, if student does not attend next 4 classes and applies for refund after the passage of time of 28th class the student will refunded for 20 classes. The company shall not be responsible for any refund for unattended classes or if the student applies for refund after the tuition tenure is complete.
  • All refunds will be made in 30 days to the bank account from which the payment was made.
  • In case of refund company will ask for bank account and may ask for any other document legally required to process the refund, as per applicable law.
  • If there is delay in refund because of some technical issue the company will inform the student / parents of the difficulty and tentative date of receiving refund in account by the student / parent

Class Transfer

Prior to making of any refund, if because of unsatisfactory performance of the teacher, student will be given an option of class transfer to another teacher. If the student does not consent to class transfer then the refund shall be processed

Need help?

Contact us at [email protected] incase after processing the refund the amount is not received in account we will be happy to help.