FOr Teachers

  1. Empowerment through Flexibility: Joining our online tuition portal empowers teachers with the flexibility, reaching students globally without being confined by geographic limitations. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting out, this platform offers the freedom to design your teaching journey.
  2. Impact Amplified: Every teacher aspires to make a difference in students’ lives. By joining our online tuition portal, you’re amplifying your impact beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. Reach students who may not have access to quality education otherwise, and witness the profound influence you can have on shaping their futures, regardless of where they are in the world.
  3. Continuous Growth and Development: Teaching is a journey of lifelong learning. Our portal provides a dynamic environment where teachers can continuously refine their skills, experiment with innovative teaching methods, and engage with a diverse community of students.
  4. Financial Empowerment: Beyond the intrinsic rewards of teaching, our online tuition portal offers substantial financial benefits. Take control of your income by  expanding your reach to a broader student base. Whether you’re looking to supplement your current income or establish teaching as your primary source of livelihood, this platform provides the tools and support to achieve your financial goals.
  5. Global Network, Local Impact: Joining our online tuition portal means becoming part of a network of passionate educators united by a common goal: to empower students through education. Despite the virtual nature of the platform, the impact you’ll have is deeply local, as you connect with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, enriching their lives and contributing to the global community in meaningful ways.

By joining our online tuition portal, you’re not just teaching lessons — you’re shaping futures, fostering connections, and making a tangible difference in the world of education.

Becoming an online teacher for grade elevate

Please go through all the terms and conditions on this page below and go registration page by pressing REGISTER ME button

Please complete your registration form and submit, Please mention details correctly as KYC documents will be taken prior to your membership approval

After Registration, you will get your account Log in details Please complete your billing details and pay a fees of Rs 100/- plus 18% GST, for the teacher assessment test.

You will receive a link of Teachers assessment test on your e-mail, which will be self explanatory. Please take the test as be instructions given and submit

After your test submission, you will receive the confirmation about your performance in the test and about your membership approval

Once Your membership is approved, go to My Account -Orders and buy an annual membership plan and become a teacher at Grade Elevate

Teachers terms and conditions

Eligibility Criteria to become a Tutor

  1. You are not eligible to register as a Tutor if you are a minor in accordance to the applicable law. By registering yourself as Tutor you represent that you are of legal age to form a binding contract under the applicable law.
  2. You should be a graduate in the subject you are teaching.
  3. You have given your consent to conduct the sessions digitally.
  4. You have to provide information required on the Teachers registration form. By filling the form you ensure and accept that the information provided by You in the registration form is complete, accurate and up to date.
  5. You will not be considered as an employee of the Company at any stage while you are registered as Tutor.
  6. After the completion of the registration on the Website by you and post evaluating and analyzing your information, the representatives of the Company will contact You.

Obligations of the Tutor

  1. You shall establish and maintain such facilities and such appropriate, attractive, accessible premises, if applicable.
  2. You shall always perform your obligations in professional, ethical, legal and socially responsible manner and shall not involve yourself in any act involving moral turpitude or any act which may give rise to anti-national feelings or discrimination based on caste, creed, sex or religion or involve in any act which may cause mental or physical injury to any of the students.
  3. You undertake the responsibility of conducting interactive sessions with students and their parents/ guardians with the aim to facilitate an understanding and address all academic and non-academic queries / issues raised by the concerned person attending such interactive session to their satisfaction.
  4. You shall not have any claim, whatsoever, on the content relevant to run the program, including worksheets, tablet-based apps, software and any other learning material including the logo and brand name of the Company (“Content”) and shall not acquire any right, title or interest in or to the Intellectual Property.
  5. You shall also endeavor to protect the confidential information and goodwill of the Company
  6. You agree to fully indemnify company, its owners or directors, its employees, its officers from any claim, damage, loss, decree, order, judgment, expense, liability or financial obligation of any nature whatsoever arising out of your negligence, default, action, omission, breach of any applicable laws and any illegal conduct.
  7. A tutor shall endeavor to support the Company in the marketing and promotion of the Program, Suo moto or as desired by the Company for which You and Company may agree to certain incentives.
  8. The tutor is responsible for organizing a Parents Tutor Meetings (PTM) on a regular basis as specified by Company.

Teachers Assessment Test

1Teachers will under go a subject assessment test on the website after making a payment of Rs 100 + GST
2 If the teacher passes the assessment test, then the teacher’s membership will be approved.
3 The teacher membership, if approved, then the teacher will pay annual membership fees of Rs 1000/- +GST (Subject to Change annually)

Break and Rescheduling Benefits policy

Emergency Break Benefit

  1. A Tutor may avail emergency break benefit, however, only for 6 (six) days in a calendar quarter. 
  2. An Emergency Break Benefit may be applied for by a Tutor writing a mail and WhatsApp message on the mail id and WhatsApp number at least 30 (Thirty) minutes before the scheduled class start time. Failing to do so, shall be deemed as a No-show and non-provision of services by the Tutor, and shall be accordingly subject to a No-show deduction of INR 500 (Indian Rupees Five Hundred only) per missed regular class from the fee payable to such Tutor (“No-show Deduction”), towards the costs incurred by the Company.
  3. In the event a class is cancelled pursuant to a Tutor availing the Emergency Pause Benefit, the Tutor shall be obligated to provide a make-up class within 30 (Thirty) days of such cancellation or prior to the completion of the student’s tenure, whichever is earlier, in the interest of the student’s learning process. The Tutor shall inform the parents of the concerned student promptly about the cancelled class and the arrangements for the make-up class. The Tutor and the parents will mutually agree on the date and time of the make-up class.
  4. If a Tutor is unable to provide a make-up class within the specified timeframe, it shall be considered a breach of this policy. In such cases, the Tutor may be subject to a No-show Deduction of INR 500 (Indian Rupees Five Hundred only) per missed make-up class from their dues payable by the Company, towards the costs incurred by the Company. The Tutor shall be solely responsible for informing the parents and the Company of their inability to provide a makeup class within the specified timeframe.

Planned Break Benefit

  1. A Tutor is entitled to avail planned pause benefit for up to 30 (thirty) days (“Planned Break Benefit) in a calendar year and apply for a pause using email and WhatsApp message as part of this benefit. The program tenure of the students associated with a Tutor availing such Planned Pause Benefit shall be correspondingly extended.
  2. The minimum duration for which such Planned Pause Benefit may be applied for is 1 (one) day and multiples of a day.
  3. Planned Break Benefits shall accrue from January 1st of each calendar year.
  4. For availing the Planned Break Benefits, a Tutor must apply for such benefit using the email and WhatsApp at least 7 (Seven) days prior to the intended break start time. Failing to do so, shall will be deemed as a No-show and as non- provisioning of services by the Tutor, and shall accordingly be subject to a No-show Deduction of INR 500 (Indian Rupees Five Hundred only) per missed regular class from the fee payable to such Tutor, towards the costs incurred by the Company.

Student Transfer Policy

  1. Upon request or due to continued unavailability of tutor or lack of adequate quality of class, or at sole discretion of the Company, the student may be transferred to another tutor.
  2. Such a transfer will be with prior consultation with the parents/ guardians of student. Such transfers will be initiated and processed by company at its sole discretion.
  3. In case of the student transfer, the number of classes of the student remains as it is, depending on the tenure of the subscription.
  4. Student fee per class for the transferred student will be as per the class structure: 1:1 or 1:many.

Demo Allocation/Conversion Policy

  1. Student demo assignment will be as per the sole discretion of Company and no fees or charges shall be paid for the same.
  2. Demo can be assigned to any tutor, from time to time, depending on the availability of their slot, historical demo conversion, compliance, retention, and such applications.
  3. Company team will be responsible for all follow-ups after the demo is done. A tutor under no circumstance should contact the parent/ guardian for a follow up, until and unless so communicated or requested by the Company team.
  4. In case of a successful demo conversion every attempt will be made to assign the student to the tutor who conducted the demo. If however, for reasons such as unavailability of preferred slots, disciplinary issues, lack of satisfactory class performance, Company may reassign the student to another tutor at its sole discretion.
  5. Last demo taken before payment, will be considered as the successful demo.